Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together this FAQ page to hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you have a question we haven't covered below, please get in touch. We reply quickly to every enquiry and we'll also add your question to this page to help future customers.

About Us:

About Us
CarHireinCalifornia is part of We are a rental broker offering fully inclusive vehicle rental packages to customers traveling to the USA. Our aim is to offer the highest service and unbeatable prices.

Office Hours
Phone calls are welcome after 4.3pm during the week or between 9am and 10pm at the weekend. If I'm out of the office your call will come through to my mobile.
I respond to emails at all hours of the day and night and usually within an hour or so. You'll never have to wait too long for a reply.
Office Address
50 Fairfield Avenue,
Kirk Ella,
East Riding of Yorkshire.
HU10 7UH
Contact Details
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Use the Contact Us page
Tel: 01482 935118


Booking Procedure:

How Do I Book?
You can book directly through the website at www.DiscountFloridaCarHire or we will email you a link to the manual booking form and well book the vehicle for you.
Can I Pay a Deposit?
No deposit required in order to reserve the vehicle. Balance due 8 weeks prior to your rental start date... But you can pay a despoit if you wish.
When is the Balance Due?
Payment is required no later than 8 weeks prior to vehicle collection date. You'll receive an email when the balance is due.
Paying with a Debit / Credit Card
We accept the following debit cards: Visa Debit, Electron and Maestro. There is no additional charge for using these cards with us.

We accept the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. There is no additional charge for using this type of card.

You can pay for your vehicle rental on one card and use a different credit card with the rental company.

Please be advised that the rental companies will require a credit / debit card swipe to act as a security deposit at time of collection.

Flight Number
At the time of booking we ask for your flight number. This is so if your flight is delayed, the vehicle rental companies will be made aware and may stay open past their usual closing time.

If you do not know your flight number at the time of booking you can email us at a later date to update us.

Young Drivers Surcharge
We offer a young drivers package with Alamo which makes hiring a vehicle more affordable if you have someone aged 21 to 24 years old wanting to drive in California.

Alamo: Select Platinum Package and add the YDP. Three young drivers are included in this price. Maximum of four drivers in total.


Driving Licence & Restrictions:

Do I need the photo card and paper counterpart?
You will need to present your photo driving licence card locally. The paper counterpart is not required. If you have the old style pink / green licence you will need to show photo ID, i.e. your passport.
Please ensure that your photocard is valid... i.e please check the expiry date on the card.
Points on my driving licence

Alamo: No Restrictions providing your licence is currently valid.

Only endorsable offences show on your UK driving licence.

Please read through the source as some rental companies have other stipulations on other offences such as reckless / dangerous driving. 
Please consider using a member of your party who has a clean licence as the lead driver. The decision on whether to enforce these conditions will lie with the manager on the desk when you pick the vehicle up.

Drink Driving Conviction: Am I allowed to hire a vehicle in California?

  Alamo: No Restrictions providing your licence is currently valid.

Other rental companies do impose restrictions on customers with previous drink driving / dangerous driving records.
Lost licence / Licence with DVLA for endorsements?
You will not be allowed to rent a vehicle if you are unable to present in person your original driving licence at the time of collecting your rental.
Do I need an International Driving Permit if I have a UK licence?
No. If you have a valid English written driving licence you do not need an International Driving Permit. If your licence is in any language other than English you will need to obtain an IDP and take it, along with your original licence.
None English Written Licence - International Driving Permit Required
You will be required to produce your licence along side an International Driving Permit.
Young Drivers (21 to 24 years old inclusive)
Please get in touch with us with your requirements and we will compare all of the rental companies to offer you the best possible price
Minimum Time to have Held a Licence?
Alamo: No minimum
Special Licence to drive 12 / 15 seater's?
No. Providing you are driving the vehicle with your family / friends you do not need D1 on your licence to drive in California
One Way Rental Fee's
If you intend to collect the vehicle from one office and return to another, there may be a one way rental fee to pay locally. We'll advise you about this when we email you a quote. Some rental companies allow free one way rentals for collection in California and returned to Arizona or Nevada. Please get in touch with us to confirm details prior to booking.



Can we pick the exact make, model & colour of the vehicle?

With Alamo if you arrive at a Choice Location then once you have your rental agreement you walk to the parking lot which is arranged in to vehicle categories. You walk to your category and select a vehicle. The keys will be in the door. You simply load up your luggage and drive to the exit / security check point.

Can we upgrade our vehicle?
We suggest you pre book the vehicle category you want before you travel. However. The rental counter staff will offer you vehicle upgrades at a daily rate. Please read through the rental agreement carefully before signing.
Ford Mustang Convertible
Unfortunately no rental companies guarantee a specific make or model of vehicle. We recommend booking with Alamo as you get to pick your own vehicle from the parking lot in most locations.


Collecting the Rental Vehicle:

Can we have the vehicle delivered to our holiday address?
Unfortunately this is not possible. Please get in touch with us with your holiday address and we will locate the nearest rental office. You can then return the vehicle to either the same office or return it to an airport location at no additional cost.
On Airport / Off Airport
The pickup location is marked airport or downtown when you request a quote. If it doubt, please get in touch with us
Can we upgrade our vehicle?
We suggest you pre book the vehicle category you want before you travel. However. The rental counter staff will offer you vehicle upgrades at a daily rate. Please read through the rental agreement carefully before signing.
Do I need a Credit Card?
All rental companies require a Debit or Credit Card in the lead drivers name. A swipe is taken to ensure the card is active. You may find a $1 temporary charge with Alamo and $350 with the other rental companies.
Do All Drivers Need to be Present?
Everyone intending to drive the vehicle must produce their driving licence and sign the rental agreement.

You can return to any of the local offices to add additional drivers to the policy at a later date.

What Documents Do I Need to Collect the Vehicle?
You will need:

Driving Licence - Photo card. If you have the old style paper driving licence you will also need to show your Passport. If you have the old style licence you will need to carry your passport with you when driving to act as photo ID.

Rental Voucher - Please print your rental voucher

Emergency Contact Number
Please note that the emergency number can be found on the rental voucher. Please leave your name, contact number and voucher number and a brief description of the problem and we'll return your call.

In the event of a breakdown or accident please call the number on the rental agreement.



When Do I receive the Rental Voucher
The rental voucher is issued automatically once full payment has been received. If you choose to pay a deposit, you will receive confirmation of your booking only. The balance is then due 8 weeks prior to the collection date. You will receive a voucher at this point.

The voucher is usually delivered straight away however on some occasions, especially during peak rental periods or if you pick a high demand vehicle such as the 12 seater's and SUV's we have to confirm availability with the rental company prior to sending you the rental voucher. This can take up to 48 hours.

The Wording on my voucher is different?
Because we offer vehicle rental around the world the rental vouchers and conditions are generic templates so they sometimes state things such as "One Way Fee's May Apply" even though there are no one way fee's within Florida and California. If you have any doubt, please get in touch with me.