Some of the rental companies allow you to preregister the driver(s) details to speed up the collection process when you arrive. These services are offered by the rental companies themselves.




Alamo offer the best preregistration section in that all drivers can add their details to the Alamo SaveTime website. Then, when you arrive at the rental location, use one of the self service kiosks to print your rental agreement. Then walk straight to the parking lot to choose your vehicle from those available from within your rental category.

Alamo SaveTime

Kiosks and Choice locations are only available at the most popular rental locations.




Budget allow the lead driver to register their details. All additional drivers will need to go to the rental desk to add themselves to the rental policy.

If you don't need to register additional drivers please go straight to the vehicle collection point.

Budget Fastbreak




You will need to register with Dollar Express. Once you receive your Dollar Express number you must let us know so we can add it to your voucher. Dollar will not allow you to use the Dollar Express service if the Express ID number is not on your voucher.

Dollar Express Regisration

Dollar sometimes refuse to accept Dollar Express on prepaid rental vouchers. This is outside of our control.



Avis do not offer preregistration.




Fox do not offer preregistration.