Top Up Insurance

The price we quote includes all of the required insurance so when you arrive at the collection location there are no other fee's to pay (with the exception of Dollar Gold where you have to pay fora tank of fuel).

The rental companies do not cover damage to the tyres or windscreen as standard. We are able to offer you an optional extra insurance to cover these eventualities so you have total piece of mind.

Top-up your Zero Excess offer from your car rental supplier!

Covers the parts of the car within the Vehicle Rental Agreement that are usually excluded:
- Covers physical damage to windscreens, tyres, roof and undercarriage.
- Cover up to £2,000 for a series of incidents during any single Vehicle Rental Agreement
- Covers towing costs relating to the loss or damage.

Covers you in case of Lock-Out from your rental vehicle
- Cover for up to a maximum of £100 for a call-out service to come open the vehicle

Covers your Rental Vehicle Keys
- Cover for up to a maximum of £300 for replacing a lost or stolen rental vehicle key, including replacement
locks and locksmith charges.


Top Up Insurance Information

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